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Our Mission: "World Peace Through Youth Peace"


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Who is YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A.?
It is a group of concerned adults and youth in the U.S. who are passionate about peace and principles and wish to share it and join with others who share these ideals.
What is "YA!"?
Is it the acronym, the initials, for YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A.
What is the purpose of the organization?

Our purpose is educational only. To help bring about a substantial reduction in violence, bullying, and abuse, though education. To teach people the skills they need so they can choose not to do violence and avoid being a victim of violence.
What kind of violence?
All unjustified violence between humans.
Is there any justified violence?
Yes, in self defense. In self defense, violence can not only be justified but mandatory to protect your's or other's individual identity.
What is YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A.'s message? 
"Do not do unjustified violence to other people" It is a message of identity, peace, good principles and the correct application of them.
What is YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A.'s plan for reducing violence?
It should be done voluntarily. We beleive stopping unjustified violence is the responsibility of the individual. That is where our focus is, to reach each and every individual individually with our educational initiatives without exception. 
What does YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A. do?
Our Initiatives is a National Public Awareness Media Campaign to Reduce Violence called "The YouthAlert! (YA!) Challenge" and three live education presentations of ways a person can not do violence and bullying and how to avoid violence and bullying.
What is YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A.'s main area of concentration?
Our main area of focus is on our outreach educational instructional programs especially our youth violence and bullying prevention program called YouthAlert! (YA!) Program "Survive & Thrive Skills Training" for Children and Youth.
Where does YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A. get its funding?
Through tax-deductible donations to the organization. Contributions come from companies, individuals, grants and online donations.
Do the donors to YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A. affect the message of YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A.?
No. YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A. stays true to it's mission and purpose.
Is YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A. affiliated with any religious or political organization?
No. YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A. is an Educational 501 (c) (3). This classification restricts us from being part of, or endorsing, any religious organization or candidate for any office.


What are the principles of YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A.?


They are what we call "The High Five". Peace, Life, Love, Freedom and Equality. However none of these principles can be sacrificed for another.



What is YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A.'s definition of "peace"?


The absence of violence or the threat of violence.



Why push for peace?


For our individual, and collective, human survival.



Whose opinions does YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A. represent?


Although the original framework was created by its founders, YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A. is operated as a community organization or "open source" project. Meaning the programs have been build up from its foundation by input from other people. Anybody and everybody can contribute to our programs. YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A. is continually seeking additional input.


What is the YouthAlert! (YA!) Program "Survive & Thrive Skills Training" for Children and Youth?


It is YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A.'s third endeavor. It is our primary outreach program where we teach youths age 12 to 24 how to be peaceful. The live program can be done anywhere and can also be done by volunteers "YouthAlert! (YA!) Model Kids". The program is educational only and is focused on individual identity, the good principles in life, and how to apply them.


Who oversees the YouthAlert! (YA!) Program "Survive & Thrive Skills Training" for Children and Youth?


The Board of Directors oversee the program which follows a evidence based blueprint endorsed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC). YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A. has also established an Advisory Board to oversee the program as well.


What is "Shadow Violence"?
"Shadow Violence" is the name we use for YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A. expanded definition of violence. It includes areas not normally associated with violence like unintentional accidents, self-harm, and poverty but have the same results as violence has on a person.
Where is YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A. located?
Our organization originated in Lexington, Kentucky in 2008 and that is also where YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A. is headquartered.
Is YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A. a national organization?
Yes. Our programs are now reaching out nationwide in the U.S. but our lead campaign is in our home state of Kentucky.
Who can donate to YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A.?
Anyone can contribute to our organization.

How do you make a donation to YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A.?


You can visit our "sponsor - donate" page at and can donate via credit card or by check via a secured PayPal.

Where do the donations go?


90% of all donations go toward educational services, the only purpose of YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A. Only 10% of donation goes towards General Administrative Costs, Salaries or Fundraising expenses.



Does YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A. fund raise during it's education programs?


No. There is absolutely no funding raising or donation requests in any of our education programs or our public awareness campaigns. And all our educational programs are currently free.

How does YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A. measure success?


The key measure of YouthAlerts! (YA!) U.S.A.'s success is if there is an actual ten- percent reduction of unjustified violence. There are many sources where these statistics are available. When all youth get the message and are peaceful, we will be successful.
Does YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A. advocate with government officials?
Yes. Our message is for everyone which includes those in government. But only a small percentage of our time and expenses are spent in this area. We do not advocate for, or against, any legislation at any level. Our organization and our programs are based on voluntarism which does not need, or require, any new legislation or changes in legislation.
Is YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A. associated with any City, County, State or Federal Government or any other For Profit or Non Profit organization?
No. We are a completely independent company and public charity.
Does YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A. deal with any other issue or have any other agenda?
No. We are a "one-trick-pony". We deal with violence, bullying, and abuse, prevention education and overall child and youth health and development only.
What kind of educational information does YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A. present?
As federal regulations dictate, there may be times when YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A. offers particular viewpoints. But it does not merely present a view point, it also intends to offer sufficiently full and fair exposition of pertinent facts to permit an individual or the public to form and independent opinion or conclusion.
Simply, what is the message of YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A.?
Do not do unjustified violence. All the time. If there is no violence to begin with, there will not be a need for self defense.
What about weapons of violence?
Our program is based on personal individual identity and the good principles in life. These we given to us by God, Nature or both. They work regardless of weapons.

To reduce violence, can YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A. do it alone?


No. It is going to take everyone, without exception, to bring about a significant reduction of unjustified violence,  bullying, and abuse. With or without our organization we believe a much more peaceful world is coming soon



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